support.pngTechnology Support

DakotaPC's process and technology expertise enables us to deliver measurable business benefits to our clients so that they can achieve the greatest benefits from their strategic investments in technology.  Our technicians spend their days protecting those investments by staying on the absolute cutting edge of modern capabilities. We learn on our own time. We do not learn at our customers expense. DakotaPC is dedicated to ensuring you have unsurpassed uptime and productivity.  We use only the highest quality components and industry leading technology. Our dedicated staff will work with you to make sure you get the exact product or service that fits you or your company’s needs.  We have three different ways we can help you: 

In Store

You can bring your technology to us! Whether a computer, device, or other piece of technology you need help with, just bring it down to our store and we'll be able to get it looked at right away!  

On Site

We can come to your technology! Sometimes it's just simpler to have our qualified technicians come directly to you.  This is great for networking issues or specialty equipment but can be done for general computer issues as well! 

Remote Support

We can help you over the Internet!  In many instances we can simply log into your computer remotely and fix your issue without anyone going anywhere.  Contact us today and one of our technicians can determine if this is the best option for you! 


Web-Design-Transparent.pngWebsite Design & Marketing

Your business needs more than just a website, it needs a Technology Partner. This means more than just designing layout, creating content, and managing the technical requirements.  It means working with you to help your business evolve, and promoting your site to its maximum benefit as a sales and communication tool.
DakotaPC creates custom websites - not template-based "cookie-cutter" sites that slap your name at the top and plug in your picture. Genuine custom websites, built one at a time, designed for YOU by our professional web developers.  A first impression is long lasting. We provide complete end-to-end web presence services for businesses.  Website design, email, web hosting, domain names, logo creation, graphic design, and much more to ensure your business is represented accurately online.  You can see some of our work below, and more by visiting our portfolio.

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Server-High-Quality-PNG.pngWhen your technology goes bad, don’t hit the panic button. Just give us a call! DakotaPC offers several on site and remote backup solutions to protect your important data. Our backups are encrypted for privacy & security. Hardware failure, software corruption, virus infection, spyware, ransomware, theft, accidental deletion, and natural disasters are just a few of the ways you can lose you data. You never know just how much you needed something, until you can never get it back!  We offer backup solutions for individuals as well as businesses.  Hardware failures and data loss cost companies trillions of dollars per year.  Don't learn the hard way.  Protect your important data by calling us to schedule a backup consultation today! 

End-To-End Data Encryption

Data security is incredibly important to us. Our facility is under 24/7/365 surveillance and armed guard.  All your files are encrypted before being transmitted and they stay encrypted while being stored using military-grade security.

Real-Time Continuous Backup

You don't have to worry about forgetting to back your computer up anymore. Our backup solution is constantly checking for new files and any changes made to current files, the software will then backup all those files continuously throughout the day.

Off Site Storage Redundancy

Having a good on site storage solution is great but it does not cover some of the more serious problems that can arise. Fire, theft, electrical surges, malware, and hardware failure are just a few events that can destroy data within on-site backup solutions. DakotaPC's off-site backup solution takes care of all those worries. If you have any of the above disasters we can get your files restored and get you operational as quick as possible.

Backup Integrity Verification

If a computer has not been backed up or if there is an issue with the backup the staff at DakotaPC is automatically notified and we will take the proper steps to make sure the issue is resolved quickly. 

Video Surveillance & Security Systems

cameras.pngDakotaPC can help secure your family, your employees, and your property using our state-of-the-art cameras, servers, and management software.  We have helped many local businesses recover stolen items and prosecute those responsible with the video evidence provided by the full HD 1080p video and high quality audio files stored on our proprietary surveillance equipment.  Our camera systems are the most powerful offered in the industry and are compatible with most mobile devices which will allow you to view the cameras from anywhere you have suitable cell service.  The applications for these surveillance systems are virtually unlimited.  Our customers are using them for more different uses than we ever imagined.  

Darkness cannot exist where there is light. 

1080p High Resolution

Crystal clear 1080p high definition video will allow you to see in fine detail. Recognize faces, read license plates, and detect activity from distances that were previously unreachable by traditional security systems. 

Audio Recording

Without both eyes and ears, it can be hard to understand everything that is taking place in a situation.  With our built in microphones on each camera, you will be able to hear everything as well as see everything.   

Motion Detection

With our surveillance system standing guard, you can be notified of any movement within the cameras view via alerts sent directly to your cell phone.  If someone is somewhere they shouldn't be, you'll know!

Infrared Night Vision

Adaptable with Infrared night vision capability, there is no darkness our cameras can not see through.  When lighting changes, they adapt and create a crisp image regardless of lighting conditions. 

Top Reasons You Need A DakotaPC Security System

  • Theft Prevention

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Livestock Calving

  • Pet Monitoring

  • Activity Logging

  • Lawsuit Protection

  • Insurance Claims

  • Court Evidence

  • Nanny Camera

  • Child Monitoring

  • Employee Monitoring